Hard wood and laminate floor installations

We are proud to say that we have successfully been installing hardwood and laminate floors for our neighbors here in the greater Sacramento area for many years now. We present our flooring crews absolute certainty and pride as the highest work quality and customer care team in the area. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free in-home estimate.

Laminate flooring:

Those who purchase and sell houses consider the repair or installation of this flooring to be one of their first priorities because of the immediate increase in the value of the residential house or commercial building, while being one of the least expensive ways of increasing home value. We offer the highest quality flooring materials and outstanding customer service, as well as reasonable, competitive, and affordable rates. Good Life Construction will allow homeowners and commercial managers to recreate the stunningly beautiful look of natural surfaces of the floor including solid hardwood floors for much less than the cost of natural solid hardwood floors. These attractive floors will transform your living spaces into stylish flooring that will last many years. In addition, this flooring will withstand the type of punishment that pets, everyday grit and dust, and moving feet can cause.

Considerations When Selecting Flooring

Types of Flooring

The surface of hand scrapped planks has a texture that provides it a more with a more rustic, natural look. This kind of flooring that is made from single planks provides the looks of real wood planks of hardwood flooring. Planks are available in 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, and 8mm thicknesses. Although it isn’t attached in any way to the surrounding walls or floor, this flooring is considered floating flooring that can contract or expand as required because of flooring interlocks. Over the years, the flooring that is thicker are more likely to stay true, flat, more ridged, and offer a better wear rating.

Flooring Maintenance

The flooring provided by Good Life Construction is easy to care for. In conjunction with a spray bottle of cleaner, an inexpensive dry mop can be used to keep your flooring looking like new. Regular mops shouldn’t be used on this kind of flooring because it is sensitive to sitting water.

Wood flooring:

Good Life Construction hardwood flooring has really earned a great reputation for being durable as well as beautiful.

The Benefits of Hardwood Floors

There are other benefits of hardwood floors, as well, in addition to it being durable and beautiful. If properly maintained, hardwood floors will still look like new after numerous years of usage. It is very easy to clean and maintain because it doesn’t have embossments or fibers, which means that it won’t accumulate as much dirt and dust. Hardwood floors will add real value to any home, is never out of fashion, lasts for a lifetime, requires low maintenance, and is easy to clean. Good Life Construction offers many different varieties of hardwood floors to select from at affordable, competitive, and reasonable prices.

Types of Hardwood Floors

Although there are many other different hardwood floor designs available, the most common tried and tested types of hardwood floor designs are from bamboo, pecan, cypress, white ash, tiger wood, white hard maple, Brazilian cherry, Douglas fir, pine, beech, white oak, and red oak. It is difficult to beat the natural richness, beauty, warmth and look of real hardwood floor. For installations below ground level, such as in the basement, Engineered Wood will be used. Good Life Construction Sacramento Hardwood Flooring carries all of these varieties of hardwoods in stock ready for installation.

We guarantee that all hardwood floor will be expertly installed by our expert installers, professionally, quickly, and on the date agreed to.

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