8 Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

October 10, 2019

In today’s post we’ll talk a little more about the pros and cons of vinyl
flooring. Vinyl material boasts many different benefits and is known for its
beautiful and pleasant look and feel. Let’s discuss it in more details

Good Quality and Pleasant Look and Feel for Less

Vinyl planks are a great way to make any roomqq in your home comfortable
and cozy on a budget. Your home will look stylish and beautiful and you will
save some money at the same time. Vinyl planks cost less than real wood
and also have a pleasant look and feel to them, and if you spend a little
more you will get high quality vinyl that will last longer.

You can get vinyl planks that are also scratch and water resistant for a good

Vinyl Comes in Many Different Color and Style Variations

Vinyl offers many different styles and color options. When it comes to
unique and beautiful designs, the sky is your limit! You can always count on vinyl when it comes to finding the perfect color or shade for you home. Vinyl also is available in many different textures, grains and overall appearance.
You can test your vinyl planks before purchasing by touching the surface
with your fingers to see how this specific vinyl flooring would feel under your feet.

Vinyl is available in different options that imitate the look and feel of
hardwood floor and can even be equivalent or sometimes even better in style and quality to hardwood, bamboo and other floor types. Vinyl often
feels like the real floors too. Vinyl is manufactured to imitate tile, stone, and many types of wood as well.

Vinyl is Known for Being Easily Installed

If you feel comfortable installing your own floors, you can certainly give it
shot. Vinyl floors are known for easy installation.

Vinyl tiles will need to be secured with adhesive opposite to vinyl planks that can be locked in together similar to a jigsaw puzzle.

In the rooms with most visitors and heavy foot traffic it’s better to install
tiles that are glued together to avoid redoing any work in the future. Vinyl
planks that can be fitted and locked together can be installed in rooms with
less foot traffic.

In some occasions, you can install vinyl planks on top of your current
flooring, but it’s better to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.
If you feel uncomfortable to install your own flooring and are unsure how to proceed, contact our Good Life Construction team at (916) 833-1379, and
we will be happy to help you install your new vinyl floors. We specialize in
other floor installations as well, and you can learn more about our work on
our website (https://goodlifeconstruction.com/hard-wood-and-laminate-floor-installations/)

Vinyl Can Handle Moisture Very Well

Vinyl can be safely used in areas prone to dampness and water damage.
High quality vinyl is waterproof and can be easily used in bathrooms and
kitchens. You will not need to worry about it being damaged by water or hot temperatures, developing dry rot or discoloration over time. Vinyl floors can also be used in basements for the reasons above, giving your basement a modern look and feel.

You can also get planks specifically designed for wet and damp areas – they
will include vapor barrier lining. If not, our team can install a vapor barrier before installing your flooring. This extra layer helps to keep away moisture from the flooring, preventing it from gathering underneath.

Although vinyl is known to handle moisture very well, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions to preserve and extend the life of your new floor.

Vinyl is Durable and Designed for Households with High Traffic

With proper care, vinyl flooring can preserve its quality and look and feel for a long time even in homes with consistent foot traffic. It doesn’t get
damaged by water, doesn’t scratch, and doesn’t lose its color. You will not
need to worry about spills or splashes, your kids running or pets playing on
your new vinyl flooring. Your new vinyl floor will look good for a long time.

High quality vinyl planks have through-body coloring as well as an additional hardened protective layer, and even if any damage is done, it will not be as visible.

This is why vinyl is so popular with families with kids and pets on the living
room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom floors. Most high-quality vinyl planks will not be damaged by falling objects – dishes or cups, but they can
be damaged by very sharp objects and force. This is just something to pay
attention to.

Vinyl Floors are Very Soft and Create Coziness and Comfort

If you want for your home to feel a little more cozy and comfortable, vinyl
flooring is definitely the right choice. As you walk you will feel vinyl being
responsive to pressure like a sponge, it always feels very soft.

This softness is especially appreciated if you like walking barefoot in summer and are often on your feet. You can also consider adding additional layers of padding for extra comfort.

Vinyl Flooring is Known for Its Insulation

The great thing about vinyl floors is that they always feel warm, and tend to
stay at room temperature. When it’s freezing and snowing in winter, your
floor will stay comfortable and warm. Although, slippers always help to
protect your feet, you will still feel comfortable taking a quick barefoot trip
from bathroom to bedroom or from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Depending on the type of your vinyl floor, you might even be able to pair it
with heating.

Another great quality of vinyl flooring is that it easily absorbs noise. This is
why it could be a great choice for playrooms, bedrooms or basement. This
means you can enjoy watching your favourite TV program, while your kids
are playing drums in the basement.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is also known for its easy maintenance. There is no need to wax or polish it. There is no need to use any specific cleaning products to keep your vinyl shiny and bright.

It doesn’t require waxing, in fact, waxing may damage the vinyl floors. Vinyl planks are very easy to clean and don’t require a lot of effort. You can also use a broom to sweep your floors and a wet mop with warm water or a mild cleaner.

If stained, try your best to wipe the spills before they dry as vinyl can stain.
When cleaning your floors it’s important to make sure to properly wipe and dry it when cleaning. Even if an individual plank is stained and doesn’t look good, you can always easily replace it.


Vinyl is known for its easy maintenance, flexibility, comfort and pleasant
look and feel.

At Good Life Construction we install vinyl flooring and can help you pick the best look and feel for your home.

Call us today (916) 833-1379 and we can schedule an appointment to
discuss the best floor options for home to make it even more inviting, cozy
and comfortable.