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Energy efficiency, security, and beauty are all by-products of quality windows and doors replacement in your home. Many people do not immediately realize or know the benefits of professional window and door installation, so here at GLC, we work tirelessly to empower all our clients with important knowledge, consultation and high-quality craftsmanship to get the job done.

Door replacement service: sizes, shapes, styles, colors

Windows and doors come in many various sizes, shapes, styles, colors, materials and have many functions in the general operation of your home. When considering installing new windows and doors, replacing existing, or converting one to another, a qualified and informed contractor is a priority for your home improvement project. Good Life Construction provides no-cost estimate and consultation services because we care about our clients. We want the very best service and product for every customer, not just for windows and doors, but in everything.

We also carry out the following works: Production of plastic and metal-plastic structures of various shapes and configurations at the request of the customer. Also, the profile can be painted in any color. Replacing damaged double-glazed windows. Tinted, coated, energy and heat saving, any thickness and size. Huge selection. We install anti-burglar fittings, various types of locks, handles for plastic windows, locking handles for child safety. Mosquito nets, blinds, window accessories. Dismantling and installation of plastic as well as aluminum structures – greenhouses and conservatory. We repair window and door structures in the form of arches and structures of high design complexity, etc. Restoring, restoring, adjusting, adjusting heavily worn windows to an almost new state. Do not rush to change windows, in 95% of cases they can be restored. Sealing and soundproofing windows.

Windows and door installation: colossal role

Windows and doors play a colossal role in the energy efficiency of your home. There are many factors that play a role in the efficacy of the energy efficiency of a door or window, but this aspect is the main priority when it comes to replacing your windows and doors. We work with many vendors and manufacturers which helps us provide many different options for selection of windows and doors. Windows and doors are also play a part of the security and physical cosmetics of your house. Glass thickness, number of panes, lock types, materials, and colors are all important to consider when planning a window and door project.

Door replacement near me cost

The cost for every project may vary significantly, depending on the nature of the work and the quantity of unit installations. Our sales team is devoted to providing you with all the information you will need to make the right selection for your project and is there to walk you through every step of the way. We are open for multiple consultations and estimates so that our customers receive the best possible experience with our company. Give us a call today and schedule an estimate for your windows and doors.

Our door window replacement service

What door repair services does Good life construction provide plastic and aluminum door repair, replacement of hardware (MACCO, VORNE, SIEGENIA, ROTO, Winkhaus) and accessories, replacement of cracked, fogged and defective glass packets, installation of double-glazed windows of increased strength (tempered glass), restoration of door geometry, alignment of a damaged or poor-quality profile. Advantages of ordering door repair services in the Good life construction company; consultation and home visit on the day of application submission in Sacramento, California and the region, ease of payment (cash and by transfer to a bank account or card), warranty for repair work.

When ordering door repair services, you get: quality service at an affordable price (10 years of experience of our employees at below market prices), saving time on repairs, in case of repeated warranty door breakage – free repair, necessary accessories repair (you don’t have to look for spare parts yourself), transparency in the use of financial resources – the cost of work is fixed in the contract (for individuals and legal entities).

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