Our Fire Restoration team is ready to help you and your family get back to normal.

The devastation of fire damage to your home goes beyond the loss of structure and safety. It impacts peace of mind, routine, and security. Grappling with insurance and mortgage companies adds additional uncertainty.

Navigating this process in the wake of trauma is not only stressful, but many people are faced with this challenge for the first time. Our experienced team is here to help. From getting your home secured and boarded to helping with the restoration of your replaceable belongings, our Emergency Service Coordinators are here to assist you every step of the way. Let our experts help coordinate the paperwork process with your insurance and mortgage companies, while we start rebuilding your house ASAP.

My name is Davin Lamb, a lieutenant colonel with the National Guard in California. During the sale of my home, in March of 2020, the NAHS inspection company identified moisture intrusions around my waterproof decks, exterior walls, and roof valleys. These have been previously worked on by our insurance vendor and we were led to believe that the issue was taken care of. Upon a further evaluation, it was noted that the new lumber and drywall, installed by the previous insurance contractor, was freshly damaged and deteriorated. To “fix it right”, the cost for repair amounted to the tune of $100,000. Our buyers got scared and were going to cancel the purchase contract.

This is when the magic happened, and the NAHS inspection company brought in Good Life Construction. Even though the job was very complicated, they showed great confidence about getting it done right and offered a solid repair guarantee, convincing our buyer not to back out of the contract.

The work started immediately thereafter; Steffen helped us recoup money from the insurance company by writing up a proper estimate by outlining and encompassing all necessary repair work. Good Life had permits and plans ready within a month and it took them only 6 weeks to complete the work. Our home sale was finalized and our family has relocated to SoCal - to help manage the Covid-19 response for the National Guard.

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a professional, trustworthy, and quality-work contractor.

- Davin Lamb, El Dorado Hills, CA

In January of 2016 we had a tree fall onto our house and cause significant damage to the roof/ bathroom and two bedrooms. We needed a contractor who was prepared to jump on the job right away, cover the roof temporarily to stop the rain from causing more damage and rebuild the home. Andrew from Good Life Construction was very responsive. He got a crew to secure our property the same day. They helped me through the permitting and plans process and got the home rebuilt withing less than 8 weeks.

I couldn’t be happier! When you hire Good Life, you get more then just a contractor, you get a team of professionals to get you to the finish.

- Jennifer Z. Sacramento, CA


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