How To Upkeep Your Siding

November 13, 2019

How to Upkeep Your Siding
Typically, siding does not require a lot of maintenance and is built to be strong, durable and last
for a long time. However, some types of siding need a little maintaining to live a longer life and
provide your house with a beautiful and appealing look.
When choosing the right siding, it is critical to consider your preferred style and the amount of
time, cost, and energy required for its maintenance. This way you will know how much effort is
required to upkeep it and what to expect from your new siding.
Let’s discuss how you can maintain your siding to help it last for a long time.
Vinyl Siding Upkeep

If you have vinyl siding, you already know that it doesn’t need much maintenance. In spring or
autumn, you can wash it with a hose to take down spider webs, dust, or little insects that might
be hiding between the sections. This will also make your vinyl siding look a lot cleaner, using a
pressure washer will wash down all the dust and dirt.
Vinyl siding tends to break away from the nails and bend out of shape, due to expansion and
contraction as a result of changing weather conditions. It is important re-secure all loose siding
and replace all damaged or cracked vinyl siding. This siding can also be painted. After a few a
few years, depending on the color, the siding can fade in color. Painting the siding is a great
option for maintenance. Consult with a licensed professional for the best methods and options.

Wood Siding Maintenance
Wood needs to be painted and treated approximately every 5-8 years depending on how
extreme the weather conditions are where you live. You can start by washing your wood siding
with a hose and this will also help you get rid of spider webs, dust and old debris.
A fresh coat of paint needs to be applied every few years because it helps to protect your
wooden siding from moisture, winds and other elements that can make your siding susceptible
to mildew, fungi, termite infestation or dry rot. It’s very important to maintain your wooden siding
by sealing al holes, cracks and seams. This helps to also protect the windows and doors as
well. Priming weathered siding also helps preserve and protect your house.
Dry rot and termite infestation can create a lot of damage if not detected and treated right away,
including damaging your house structure. These repairs, in turn, can be very costly.

Unprotected wood is prone to rot or become infested with a pest. Damaged wood will feel weak
and brittle to touch. It’s a good idea to thoroughly inspect your siding as these could be the
signs of infestations by termites or dry rot.

Maintaining Stucco Siding
Stucco siding can also be power washed before it is painted or touched up. If you see any
stains, you can use a special detergent for washing your siding or you can soap or degreaser to
get rid of these stains.
Stucco siding is known to last for a long time, but it still requires maintenance. It is prone to
cracking and separation, it is beneficial to inspect the stucco periodically. The good news is that
these cracks can be fixed with a good sealant or stucco patch, depending on the size of the
cracks. It may take some time but consider it a good investment into the beauty and protection
of your home.
Stucco cracks and voids have been know to cause leakage into the wall cavities, and eventually
lead to severe damages.
Aluminum siding is known to be durable and doesn’t require too much maintenance. You can
also wash it with pressured water to get rid of dust, insects, and possible spiderwebs.
One of the biggest problems with aluminum siding is dents and fading. If hit by something
heavy, for example a rock or a tree branch, it is very easy to dent and damage the siding. It can
be repaired, but it will require some time and cost.
You can remove dents by yourself, but it’s always better for a professional address and help you
take care of it. Faded siding can be repainted to renew its external appearance.
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