Termites – any of numerous pale-colored soft-bodied social insects (order Isoptera) that live in colonies consisting usually of winged sexual forms, wingless sterile workers, and soldiers, feed on wood, and include some which are very destructive to wooden structures and trees.”

– merriam-webster.com/dictionary


 How to Repair Wood After Severe Termite Damage

In short, termites are small insects that can cause a lot of damage to the wooden members of your home, or any other structure. For treatment, please refer to a registered termite company, but for repairs, call Good Life Construction. Along with dry rot, termite damage is the second most common finding in the wood repair industry. Repairs must be performed along with the required treatment for an effective repair solution to the specific areas of your home. Here at Good Life, we have what it takes to protect your home and to provide long-lasting repairs, utilizing high quality products and skilled carpenters to produce that result.


Why Choose Good Life Construction for Termite Damage Repair?

Termites are typically found and identified in the wood members of a structure such as: siding, trims, framing, rafters, roofing, decking and subarea framing. Here at Good Life with we have years of experience and are skilled in the termite repair process. We take pride in or work and strive to deliver the highest standard of construction. Your house is your biggest financial investment and protecting it is the next step in securing its value and structural longevity.

SERVICE REGIONS Termite Damage Repair near me

Sacramento, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Loomis, Auburn, Rocklin, Lincoln, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Natomas, Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento

If you would like to evaluate the condition of your home or address an ongoing “TERMITE” issue, contact our office today at 916-833-1379.

Every inspection visit  of charge and a detailed estimate will be provided outlining all necessary repair descriptions and associated costs. We are glad to perform a follow-up visit to walk through every item and and answer questions before scheduling work.

Important! Remember that termites, unlike other insects, are very difficult to independently remove. Therefore, if you find termites in your home, it is better, of course, to use the services of specialists, because they have the appropriate means, experience in their destruction and regular prevention.

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