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One of the greatest and most effective ways to improve or change the look of your home is by painting in my area the exterior of your house. There are many more benefits that come with painting your house and our mission at Good Life Construction is to provide that information and those great benefits for all our clients.

Siding preservation is the greatest benefit that comes from house painting. Aside from providing a fresh color, paint protects your house, the siding and trims more specifically. The paint seals open pores in wood and acts as a protective membrane to prevent potential moisture intrusion, rot, and weathering. During the painting process, we diligently work to seal all windows, doors, and trims with quality sealant.

Why do we need painting wooden houses?

Everyone who decided to build a wooden house made a choice in favor of environmental friendliness and visual appeal. In order to preserve all the initial advantages of this material, it is necessary to know about the negative impact of factors such as snow, water, temperature changes. These phenomena cause swelling of the tree, the appearance of cracks, the formation of fungus. To completely eliminate aging at home, a special surface treatment is required. Painting a wooden house insured, professional paint crew from their local area is one of the most faithful and rational solutions. In addition, the finished look will be betrayed to the house. It will fit perfectly into the landscape design on the infield or, conversely, stand out, because manufacturers offer a variety of colors for the colors.

Recommendations for the care and painting of houses from local contractors

San Diego home painting of the facades of houses and cottages extends their service life, protects against aggressive environmental influences. This is especially true for private country houses made of wood, as this material may lose its original characteristics during operation. To avoid premature damage to the tree and loss of attractiveness, experts advise painting the wooden house without waiting for irreversible processes.
Painting the facade with a specialized paint with water-repellent components will protect it from moisture for a long time. Painting of a suburban wooden house with oil compositions is very popular, which are perfectly absorbed into the tree and have the highest level of resistance to various rainfall.
To protect the house from excessive moisture, fungus or mold, we recommend the use of antiseptic solutions for country houses that penetrate the wood about 1 cm, providing reliable protection.

The process of painting houses by professional contractors

Like any stage of construction work, painting a house with paint requires preparatory work to improve the quality of wood. Professional house painting Services the following stages of preparatory work:

  • Removing dirt, dust and small impurities from wood;
  • The facade of the house for painting is cleaned of gray-blue stains or mold;
  • The resin is removed with a metal spatula, and the remaining cavities are varnished;
  • Steel parts are coated with anti-corrosion compound;
  • Drying of the tree is carried out for 10-14 days under a plastic film with holes for ventilation.
  • Painting of cottages necessarily includes preliminary priming of the surface.

With us you can order a full package of services necessary to paint a country house. Our qualified specialists will thoroughly and accurately prepare your home for painting, taking into account the climatic location of the facility and the characteristics of the wood. We guarantee that we will paint a private country house quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Why paint wooden walls?

The outer surfaces of the walls are constantly exposed to negative factors: moisture, ultraviolet radiation, pests, destructive microorganisms. From this, the facades of the log house do not become more beautiful or more reliable.
Painting with special compounds will allow:

  • update the look of the house;
  • create a barrier to the penetration of insects, fungi, mold from the outside;
  • protect the walls from atmospheric factors;
  • stabilize the microclimate in the house;
  • prevent early aging of wood;
  • will hide the external defects of the facades.

To carry out such work, it is better to turn to the exterior house painting service professionals in order to achieve the most effective protection and uniformity of staining.

How much does it cost to paint a house?

Prices for exterior painting are usually higher than for interior decoration. The high price is determined by an integrated approach to wall painting, including:
• preliminary polishing of facades;
• processing the outside with an antiseptic, a primer;
• applying the first layer of dye;
• proper sealing of the ends with a special composition;
• removal of pile, shavings from surfaces;
• applying a top coat of paint;
• fire fighting treatment.

When working, professionals house painting contractors select brushes according to their stiffness and thickness for optimal distribution of the dye over the surface of glued beams or logs.
Painting your house is prolonging the life of the exterior of your home, preserving the siding members from the elements, refreshing the physical appeal, increasing the value of your home in general. Good Life Construction is committed to providing a professional and high-quality house painting service. We also paint and stain decks, patios, pergolas, sheds, etc. Power washing, caulking, priming and masking are all part of our painting process.
Whether you need to paint your house or any other structure, do not hesitate to give us a call today to schedule an estimate for painting. Our pricing always includes high-quality paint and prep. Our goal is to help you without breaking the bank, so we work with you on cost, because we believe that we are the best option for you today.

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