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Do you have damaged siding and trims on your home? Good Life Construction is here to provide the next siding repair solution to the exterior of your home. Whether the exterior of your home is rotting or just weathered it is imperative to take repair siding action to protect your home. We are here to service and your home siding repair , and maintain the structural integrity of your siding improving energy efficiency, shear strength and the cosmetic appeal of your house.



Siding repair contractors near me

Good Life specializes in the repair vinyl siding, aluminum siding repair or wood siding repair and installation of all forms of wood and hardie siding, utilizing high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship. During any repair process we ensure proper weather-proofing measures, installing new building paper, re-flashing all windows and sealing new siding with high-grade sealant or caulk. A contractor that will take the time and effort to protect your home and investment, is the right siding repair service for you. We promise and choose to be that construction company with every client and every project.


When can i need siding repair?


There is no doubt that the siding plates are strong and durable, but even they sometimes need repair. Repair may be necessary in the following cases:

  • when, due to low strength, plates (usually vinyl) are damaged in places;
  • if the siding panels are slightly “melted” due to the intense heat;
  • in those cases when extremely low temperatures made this material brittle and cracked;
  • siding can be damaged by children, playing, it can also be broken by garden tools, from a blow (for example, a ball);
  • if the cladding was initially improperly fixed (for example, the siding could not move freely, taper and expand), as a result of which its deformation occurred.

The causes of damage to siding plates are many, only the main ones are listed here. Examples of damage are shown in the photo attached to the article, as well as in the video. Experienced siding repair company take a lot of money for fix the siding balcony, as well as for repairing the plates themselves, but meanwhile it is quite possible to repair the panels yourself, having only basic repair work skills and detailed instructions with the video.


How to repair vinyl siding corner?


The appearance of the building must satisfy aesthetic requirements. Moreover, in most cases, the finishing material also plays the role of a protective layer that prevents the wear of walls and foundations. There are tons of options.

As a matter of fact, it is more about a polymer finish, since recently not only panels made of polyvinyl chloride, but also acrylic have been included here. This material is extremely diverse, can have a very different color, and sometimes shape, and successfully imitates any natural materials: brick, wood, shingles, stone.


Types of vinyl siding for house sheathing are as follows:

  • wall – the usual form of lamellas with a length of 3 to 6 m. They can be flat, but can have a specific configuration if they imitate, vinyl siding repair, for example, a beam. The variety of colors. Between themselves, the lamellas are fastened by a spike in a groove;
  • basement – panels of approximately rectangular shape with an uneven edge. Most often, they imitate the laying of bricks or natural stone, which is why they have unusual shapes. The thickness of the panels is higher; they are designed for a more serious wind load. The basement is also successfully used for cladding the entire facade, and not just the basement.

Why to choose wood siding repair contractors near me?


It is in your hands to improve and protect your home, call us today to receive an estimate consultation. Even if you choose another contractor, we are still glad to provide our knowledge and expertise. We understand that everyone has a budget; we aim to be flexible in job cost to provide you with an uncompromised result and satisfaction.


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