DECK REPAIR & Restoration

Wood decks, composite decks, tall decks, low decks, multilevel decks we love building and repairing decks. A deck job is like a Lego project in an adult version, but there is a lot of phases that require planning and precise measurements prior to putting the pieces of wood together. For a deck to serve you for a long time it is important to have proper foundation footings, it must be properly designed to handle the necessary weight limits and use the proper treated materials for framing. You can rely on our experts here at Good Life Construction to help you design, plan and build your deck.

Value Added Decks

One of the best ways to increase the value of your residential home or commercial building is with the addition of decks. Because of our many different types of distinctive woods used for our decks, we can help you achieve a much improved look with a new deck. In addition, we provide free, no obligation, consultations during which we will help you to select the most attractive type of wood that will most appropriately accent your new deck.

Wood Materials

In spite of the fact that many different deck building companies in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area claim to offer the most attractive deck building materials, many of these deck building materials are probably not genuine wood. It is absolutely necessary that you purchase genuine wood materials for your new deck for ease of maintenance, longevity, and value of your new deck. Good Life Construction guarantees that all of our deck building materials are the finest quality, genuine wood. Therefore, you can be sure that the building process for your new decking and the decking materials for your new decking will look great for many years into the future.

Deck Installation

Our installation crew will listen to your requirements and provide recommendations to help ensure that your new decking will work most effectively. Once the type of decking and the decking materials have been selected, we will agree to a schedule for the construction of your decking and will build your new decking right the first time. We offer many different price ranges for our various wood decking materials and will maintain our prices as affordable as possible.

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