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Dry rot is the term used to describe rotten wood, specifically in the context of construction. This “wood rot” affects all wood members exposed to the elements, such as rain, sun and wind. A destructive fungus develops, damaging the wood, which leads to the condition that we know today as “dry rot”. These conditions develop due to continuous moisture exposure from rain, sprinklers, roof leaks, plumbing leaks or gutter/ downspout malfunction.

How to repair dry rot wood?

Like a cancer, the only way to repair affected areas is to remove the rotted members and treat the adjacent framing, trims, siding, etc. with a registered fungicide. There are also measures that can be taken to prevent dry rot damage, and they are these:

  1. Sealing all seams and nail holes with caulk/ silicone
  2. Painting the structure every 5-10 years
  3. Utilizing quality wood for construction
  4. Redirecting water sources away from wood members

Rotten peeling wood may look awful, but often you can save a lot more than it seems at first glance: just follow our quick restoration guide.

Repairing wood is often much easier than it seems at the moment when the rotten pieces literally crumble in your hands. If the supporting structure is still able to perform its functions, then the chances are good to save the rest. But do not hesitate …

Preventive Tips from Dry Rot Repair Specialists

  • Make sure that the waterproofing layer began to leak moisture: for this, look for signs of dampness on the walls above the baseboards.
  • Dry rot will not bloom in heavily ventilated areas, so take care of good air exchange in the attic and under the wooden floor lying on the beams. If necessary, install air intakes or exhaust fans in the soffit and in the end wall of the roof. Carry out regular inspections of hollow (perforated) bricks and clean them if they become clogged with dirt.
  • Regularly check the condition of the water pipes, especially under the bathtub and shower tray, as well as in the attic.
    Many chemicals used to combat woodworm larvae and dry rot are flammable or toxic irritants that produce persistent fumes that last at least two weeks. This means that at least two weeks after chemical treatment, precautions must be taken.

Dry rot repair cost in our company

Dry rot is found in many areas of construction, including: windows and doors, finishes, siding, decks and patios, cornices and roofing elements, frames and subframes. Poor house maintenance will speed up the rotting process, increasing future repair costs.
Here at Good Life, we are a leader in dry rot repair, serving the Sacramento region within a 50 mile radius. If you are preparing your home for sale or are an active homeowner, we are here to advise and provide professional repair services. We offer evaluations and inspections, quick planning and timely completion of the project, depending on your needs and requirements.
We work in areas of California such as Sacramento, Elk Grove, Cordoba Ranch, Carmichael, Folsom, Eldorado Hills, Granite Bay, Loomis, Auburn, Rocklin, Lincoln, Rosville, Citrus Heights, Natomas, Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento
If you want to assess the condition of your home or solve the current “DRY MOUTH” problem, contact our office today at 916-833-1379. Each inspection visit  and a detailed estimate will be provided with all the necessary repair descriptions and associated costs. We are happy to have a repeat visit to review all items and answer questions before planning a job.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about Dry rot repait

Rot is among the chief reasons for its destruction of timber not just in older homes, but also in buildings of contemporary construction. The most frequently encountered pitchfork rot is dry and wet. Any unprotected lumber in construction that becomes moist above 20% moisture content is in danger of being influenced by corrosion. Read about dry rot. Typically, this kind of moist will happen because of faulty rainwater products, leaking roofs or inferior pointing and leaves. To learn what rising damp resembles click on the hyperlink below.

Dry rot treatment strategy:
1. Locate and remove the reason, greater dampness, because of that rust develops. These may be obstructed ducts, damaged or clogged gutters, overlooking slates, etc..
2. Eliminate all of the wood and ruined linings, panels, baseboards, plaster and ceilings to stop additional spread of this uterus. Specifically, the plaster is removed in a distance of a minimum of one meter in the region affected by the uterus.
3. Remove visible and reachable overgrown mushrooms.
4. Conduct a fungicidal treatment of remaining timber stuff, masonry and all substances from the affected region and adjoining to it.
5. Replace all eliminated wood with stained timber.
6. Generally, it will become essential to improve the ventilation of the space so as to stop reinfection of this fungal disease.

For too long, we’ve thought that mould is totally benign…

Residents of towns spend 50-70percent of their time in their flats, and generally in closed areas, such as offices, up to 80-90percent of their time. Penetrating capability to permeate light tissue, causing debilitating problems.

Some kinds of fungi can lead to diathesis in children, allergies, departure cancer and asthma.

The rise of mold isn’t always accompanied with the look of its pollutants in the atmosphere, but whatever the case, if the affected substance becomes the reason for mold spores, the very first indication of mold contamination would be that the look of mould spores from the atmosphere. As radiation or heavy metals invisibly impact the human body so mould affects an individual, his health and home.

Occasionally in people with decreased immunity, mould lesions of the internal organs are potential. Each one these disorders are chronic in nature and problems in therapy.

Typically, allergenic mould is the main cause of the disorder. One of the massive numbers of mushrooms, allergenic properties are discovered in roughly 300 species. The amount of individuals experiencing mold allergies each year and mostly people with bronchial asthma. At least 15 percent of children with bronchial asthma are vulnerable to mould spores. Disease due beginning and prolonged course.

At a hospital setting, even deadly infections may be caused in diminished men and women.

In the span of a distinctive scientific research completed with the involvement of workers from the Department of Microbiology of St. Mechnikov, a high amount of contamination with penicillin, aspergillus, cladosporium along with other mould fungi of indoor atmosphere was created, patients with bronchial asthma, infectious diseases, bronchitis resided in.

When mold spores enter the gastrointestinal tract, then a food allergy grows.

The most hazardous is the yellowish mold, which generates the most powerful aflatoxin.

As soon as we start a jar of Grandma’s strawberry shake, we frequently observe a little layer of mould on top. Something about penicillin and something different, not useful, instantly pops in my mind. In reality,”benign” mould is a true toxin that could develop in your system and result in liver cancer.

Mold, which can be employed in the preparation of elite types of wine and cheese, is especially prepared. Mold infecting food doesn’t have anything to do with it. Over 100 toxic chemicals utilized by scientists at mould and in goods coated with it don’t reveal their presence within the body for a lengthy time. After a few decades, they could cause rapid development of cancerous tumors. Regrettably, heat therapy doesn’t have any impact on those toxins. Thus, moldy food (make it jam, bread, veggies, nuts or fruits ) ought to be thrown out immediately.

Wet Rot will happen if it’s three key elements — moisture, wood and temperatures below 40 degrees. It typically starts whenever you have moist wood. This moist timber functions as food to your wet rot and it’ll use the moisture out of the water ingress to disperse.

Primarily, correctly recognize the rust fungus, check the form and range of the harm
Identify the origin of moisture
Detail a bespoke specification to take care of the corrosion attack
Our crew will eliminate property fabric including plaster and wood that’s been damaged from the effects of dry corrosion
we’ll then replace the wood and protect the wood to generate the structure sound .
The necessary fungicidal treatment is going to be finished safely to the timber and masonry in the affected region
Disturbed cloth to ceilings and walls will be reinstated as detailed in our report.
Throughout the whole procedure our staff will Give You accurate and honest information on the best way to treat your corrosion difficulty
After diagnosis, our staff will produce a particular comprehensive report and specification to see to the rust epidemic.


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